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Friday, April 6, 2012

Wintering Over Vegetables

Helped a faculty member print some photos today showing an excellent idea for wintering over carrots, beets and onions.

They are taking everything out of their hand-made 'cellar' to cook into a meal and present the idea to several students. The author has written a book on Root Cellering as well.

This project was started last fall when the students built the 'cellar'.

Once the crated vegetables were in place they covered them with a layer of plywood and heavy styrofoam (with rocks on top to keep it from blowing away). Throughout the winter it was very easy to remove the rocks, lift the styrofoam and plywood to get to fresh vegetables as needed.

Here are the pictures taken this spring of the styrofoam on top, the layer of plywood, and the goodies underneath:

Root Cellering - Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables

Easter or Christmas?

Going into a holiday weekend…supposed to be Easter….but looking like Christmas!!!

This morning, going in to work.

At work around 7:30am.

I have been greeting the students with 'Happy Holidays' this morning!! :)
Around 9:30 the snow is piling up on the tables outside.

At noon, I made an attempt to go for a walk and the snow had almost stopped. As I got several blocks away, it started coming down again in big flakes and I was pretty wet by the time I got back to my desk.

Great start to Happy Easter weekend!